From the Farm to the Table

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From the Farm to the Table

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From the stunning rich soil of South East Queensland sprout all sorts of fresh and delicious produce. It’s truly a food lover’s paradise.

Shop for local produce at the local Markets or just stop off along the highway at one of the many seasonal stores, the soil is so fertile and conditions so perfect year-round that there’s always something growing in-season and fresh. Explore the sugar cane country with it’s rich organic soil and rows of macadamia trees.

Don’t forget about the wineries of the region, they're not well known but they do exist and offer up some great experiences for wine lovers.

The creative chefs of the region love to take all cuisines and create culinary wonders that take influences from many cultures. Local favourites share menu space with new concoctions and the chefs always make great use of fresh local produce.

The eateries are also world class. Whether you’re after a classic country pub vibe and some wholesome country-style meals, some baked, homemade delights, cheap eats, or a first class fine dining experience, it’s all available in delectable South East Queensland.