North Stradbroke Island Getaway

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North Stradbroke Island Getaway

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North Stradbroke Island is a getaway destination in South East Queensland that is loved by tourists and locals alike.  It’s a marine park, a holiday destination, a whale-watchers retreat and is perfect for day trips, short stays, or week-long adventures.

There are huge stretches of golden beaches, freshwater lakes and ocean waters teeming with marine life including dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and of course, humpback whales.

You can go on a 4WD Tour, go sandboarding on the iconic island dunes, catch a wave and learn to surf, go snorkelling, play golf or just enjoy the huge range of water activities.

For those who want a more relaxed and laid back time, there’s a huge range of first class holiday homes and accommodation including architecturally designed apartments with their own whale watching towers, beach-front outlooks and even foreshore camping. There’s great options for families, couples and self-contained accommodation too. There’s even a great backpacker hostel.

There are three main villages on Straddie, Amity Point, Dunwich and Point Lookout, each of which offers different benefits. Dunwich is more of a central village with lots of great restaurants and shops. Amity Point and Point Lookout are closer to beachside locations and both offer access to different beaches and activities.

Getting here is easy, just drive down to Cleveland from Brisbane and park on the vehicle ferry. You could also enjoy a ride on a passenger ferry to Dunwich.