The Australian Motorcycle Museum

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The Australian Motorcycle Museum


Motorcycles have come a long wait over the past century or so, and we’re not just talking about road miles.

There isn’t any better place to explore the history of mankind’s most exciting machine than the Australian Motorcycle Museum at Haigslea, Queensland.

With an ever expanding catalogue of old and historic bikes, the museum makes for a perfect day or for a casual family excursion or a serious enthusiast’s expedition.

Featuring over 200 motorcycles which range from the late 1880's up to current models, the museum is best place to see bikes youcan't see anywhere else, or maybe bikes which you grew up with.

There is a range of marques and models from all over the world.

Museum staff are constantly on the lookout for new exhibits and they already have an impressive array on display, from 2010 Ducatis to 1930s Triumphs and everything in between.

And best of all it’s cheap. Just $15 for an adult and $10 for kids means it doesn’t have to cost the world to delve back into the intriguing and enthralling world of motorcycling.