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 G’Day! My name’s Andy – I’ve been into everything technical, electrical and electronic since I was about 8 years old. Back then, I started taking everything apart – including the landline phone – that was until Mum said why weren’t we getting any more calls to Dads driving school business….. maybe because I’d shorted out the phone lines and they went dead? Anyway I fixed that and the phones were fine again.

Next renovating TV’s – you know the old type using those glowing valves!!! Working on the back of a Decca TV with a live chassis, trying very hard not to get zapped at 27,000 volts…..Anyway, from there I did lots of computers, IT & networks including cabling and building computers and servers. From there I changed towards air conditioning in cars – doing maintenance and custom installs – still wiring and piping everything up and having fun in the process.

Simply Awesome Electrical was started in Feb 2017 so I could continue this passion for electrical and help locals with all their electrical needs. We do a wide variety of work – everything from stove repairs, and lighting upgrades, to switchboard and mains upgrades, shed wiring, lots of aircons – both splits and ducted – for domestic, commercial and even some industrial work. Lots of people are doing renos at the moment – some new builds – and being given the opportunity to help them make their dream homes become a reality is very rewarding.

I believe in fair work at a fair price and always go the extra mile making sure the customer is looked after properly. If this is the sort of company you’d like in your corner – give us a call – we’d love the opportunity to look after your next job – after all – we’re a local electrical contractor looking after locals in Ipswich and surrounding areas.