Hot Air Ballooning in South East Queensland

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Hot Air Ballooning in South East Queensland

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Experience the majesty and beauty that is only available from the high vantage point of a hot air balloon, it’s one of the best things to do in South East Queensland.

Imagine the great photo opportunities to be had from the air, and while relatively pricey, you the tourists will have to weigh up whether the unparalleled views and the rare experience is definitely worth it.

The soaring journey will take you above the vast expanse of South East Queensland.  You can float lazily over the seemingly tiny townships, patchwork farmland and watch the sun glint from the river and bounce from the handsome mountains.

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These flights usually take off at dawn, giving you calm, clear skies and a sight to behold in the rising sun.  Champaign breakfast is usually included, it's an entire experience.

The flat expanse of terrain in the region makes for ideal ballooning conditions, the days are clear and the sky a brilliant deep blue.

The sunrise will absolutely take your breath away from up here.

It’s a unique way to explore. Beautiful expanses and tranquil flight await, let the breeze take you to sights and vistas you've never dreamed of.

There's something magical about being above it all. The sounds of life on the surface of planet earth fade away and all you hear is the rustling of the breeze on the balloon. It's serene and relaxing like nothing else, floating through the sky with nothing but the fantastic view and your companions.

Passionate and knowledgeable tour guides provide insights into the land below, from this unique perspective you can see the vastness of Australia and how that shapes many lifestyles in the country.