The Pioneer Railway Experience

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The Pioneer Railway Experience


Sit back and relax as we rumble back in time behind one of the vintage steam or diesel locomotives of the Pioneer Railway.

Located just 30 minutes from either Ipswich or Brisbane, the old and well preserved railway snakes through idyllic Australian bushland and is steeped in industrial heritage and full of stories.

It's the friendly and charming tour volunteers that make the trip a true gem of an experience. You can tell how proud they are of the train and the tour, just ask them! Dressed in their period attire you only need to smile to see a twinkle in their eye and be brought into a conversation about their world of steam, trains and days gone by. Between them there's a wealth of knowledge about the local area and a whole host of stories and jokes aside. Their passion for the project and their determination to help you enjoy your day is astounding and welcomed. You might even be lucky enough to enjoy a jaunty ditty on the piano as you wait for the steam engine to pull into the station.

Unlike modern trains, these locomotives chug along at a steady pace, and while capable of going faster, the speed is perfect for taking in the stunning scenery as it slides past, and, incidentally, is also great for taking photos.

The windows remain open if the weather is amenable, and the breeze and atmosphere on the train is a fantastic experience as you traverse through the tranquil countryside and forests of South East Queensland.

A legacy from the vast amounts of coal that was mined in the region in the late 19th and early 20th century, these lines are the oldest in Queensland and are remnants of a much larger network.

The train itself is a sight to behold and there are some great photo opportunities as it pulls into the old style station or stops off during one of the breaks.

Be greeted and charmed by the proud and experienced operators as they take you on a journey through history.