Das Neumann Haus Museum

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Das Neumann Haus Museum


Laidley has another hidden gem of an attraction - Das Neumann Haus.

Built by German immigrant Hermann Neumann in 1893, the house is built in 1930’s style and has been refurbished and restored to it’s former condition.

Truly a window into the past - this heritage display is open to the public and houses many antiques and stories from South East Queensland’s past.

You can relax on the deck or under the shade of the 100 year old Jacaranda tree in the park with it’s ‘Queensland Snow’.

Make sure you stop off at Annie’s Place Coffee Shop for delicious cakes, smoothies and of course aromatic coffee and tea. The perfect place to relax and enjoy afternoon tea after a day exploring.

Das Neumann Haus also hosts events during the Heritage Festival in April and the Laidley Spring Festival in September.

Das Neumann Haus is located at Patrick Street, Corner of William Street, Laidley, Queensland 4341.

It’s open from 10:00am to 3:00pm every day.