Three of the best bushwalking tracks in the Scenic Rim

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Three of the best bushwalking tracks in the Scenic Rim


Bushwalking is an ever popular pastime amongst tourists and locals alike in the Scenic Rim. The following are three of the best hikes you can take, set amongst the scenery of the beautiful and serene Lamington National Park of the Great Dividing Range.

You’ll need sturdy hiking boots and a day to do nothing but explore. The trails are well worn and for those that travel them are often rewarded with stunning lookouts and breathtaking rainforest waterfalls.

You’ll also run into a wealth of native wildlife, the ever present calling of a myriad of bird species fill the air with life and noise. Other creatures call the region home and you may be lucky enough to spot one of them on your travels. Maps and detailed information, including trip-critical conditional information are available from the local information centres at Lamington National Park.

Walk in Coomera  track, Binna-Burra, Australia.

Coomera Circuit

This track is somewhat the pick of the region, highlighting the best of Binna Burra’s assets in one 18km trek. It starts at the Binna Burra Tea House and winds down through the dense rainforest of the Beechmont Range. Spectacular Lamington Blue crayfish live in the creeks and provide a flash of brilliant metallic blue to keep an eye out for.

Long but not particularly challenging, first time walkers should go with someone experienced. The Coomera waterfall is best after rain however the track can become hazardous when wet, the track features numerous creek crossings.

Lamington Blue Crayfish

Dave’s Creek Circuit

Takes you on a 12km hike through a range of terrain and vegetation from rainforest to beech tree and malley gum woodland to open heath country. This track offers some spectacular views from the Numinbah lookout. You may also want to check out the small Moonlight Cave side track which is sign posted. On the return leg, don’t miss ‘surprise rock’ with it’s amazing 360 degree views.

Crossing the creek. Walk in Coomera  track, Binna-Burra, Australia.\

Ship’s Stern Circuit

This slightly longer 20km walk takes you past excellent lookouts, eucalypt forest, palm groves, rainforest and wildflower fields. While not difficult it’s quite long and you’ll want to leave early to avoid walking in the dark. There are also a range of great side tracks to discover including a track to Lower Ballanjui Falls and Charraboomba Rock.

After the spectacular Kooloonbung lookout the track splits with the left hand fork taking the cliff edge and the right hand fork providing views looking back towards Binna Burra, both forks are around equal in length.